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The Pasta Series

Basic Pasta Dough

What You’ll Need:

  • Measuring Cup
  • Fork
  • Liquid Measure
  • Plastic Wrap


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  1. Take a cup of flour and dump it right onto the counter like you mean it. Make a little hole in the center and plop in an egg and a bit of salt.
  2. Beat that with a fork until it becomes an unmanageable mass then begin kneading. Add water a teensy bit at a time as needed (kneaded?) until a dough is achieved.
  3. Then throw on your favorite song and give it all you got, kneading briskly until that dough is smooth as a baby’s bottom (About 6 minutes).
  4. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let it take a rest for 30 minutes to an hour.

Savannah Says...

  1. Why is my dough so sticky?

    1. You’ve added too much water. This is typically more of a problem with all-purpose flour. Just add a bit more flour until it’s a nice, sturdy dough.
    1. My dough is incredibly stiff and hard to knead.

      1. You can add a teaspoon or so of water to make it more manageable. Just be careful not to over hydrate it.
      1. How long will this dough keep?

        1. You can wrap it tightly and keep it in the fridge for up to 4 days. It may discolor a bit but it will still be fine. After that, go ahead and roll/cut the pasta and then you can either cook, dry, or freeze it.

Shaping & Forming Pasta

What You’ll Need:


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  1. Roll the dough into a disc, then cut it into rectangular strips. You can square off the edges if you’re feeling particular.
  2. Dust the dough with a bit of flour if it is at all sticky, then set the pasta roller to the widest setting and crank each strip through!
  3. Keep rolling that pasta through, reducing the size of the roller by 1 notch each time until it’s as thin as you’d like.
  4. Swap the crank to the cutter attachment and send the strips through! Dust with flour and curl into a nest or lay them over a drying rack. You can also lay them flat and freeze them, yipee!
  5. Fresh pasta takes about 4-5 minutes to cook in water that’s been brought to a roiling boil and is, of course, salty like the ocean!

Savannah Says...

  1. My dough is sticking to the pasta roller and itself.

    1. Your dough is over-hydrated. Dust liberally with flour but don’t try to re-knead it.
    1. How do I clean the pasta maker?

      1. With a stiff, dry brush or a damp towel. You want to avoid getting water and flour in the wheels whenever possible as it can ruin your machine if it drys.


What You’ll Need:

  • Rolling Pin
  • Pasta Cutter (Affiliate Link)
  • Ravioli Cutter (optional)
  • Basting Brush
  • Small Bowl


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  1. Start with a small section of dough if this is your first time. Roll it out as detailed in the shaping and forming section but continue until the dough is as thin as the pasta wheel will allow.

  2. Cut the dough in half. Working quickly place no more than a scant tablespoon of desired filling an inch or so apart on one sheet. Brush the dough with egg wash and place the second sheet over it, pressing gently to get rid of any air pockets.

  3. Cut out the ravioli and freeze until ready to cook.

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