Salmon with Cream Sauce

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Salmon with a white wine cream sauce, fettuccine, lemon pistachio green beans, and rum macerated strawberries over vanilla ice cream.

Prep Time: 1 Hour
Cook Time: 1 Hour

What is Date Night In?

Date Night In – Eat • Make • Love is a class designed to mitigate the risk of cooking at home with your date! There’s a lot of pressure when cooking for someone new or taking a night to reconnect with your long-time partner. Why risk it on a bad recipe or without the guidance to master new techniques?

We are not here to help you create the perfect date night. We are here to help you cook well, have fun, and make some sexy-ass food in the process! Each Date Night package includes fun and instructional videos designed to watch with your date that walk you through how to cook your meal! 

Our menus are designed by Savannah, a line cook & professional chef instructor who teaches cooking classes in her spare time. A lot of these recipes are inspired by what she’s cooked in fine-dining restaurants across the country and not only are they delicious, they’re light enough that you’ll still be ready for some action afterward (If you get lucky!).


What’s Included?

Oh, baby…

Here’s what you get:

  • A shopping list broken down by category.
  • Recipes for the menu you’ve selected.
  • Instructional videos shot in glorious 4k where Savannah walks you through how to cook everything and nail the timing on getting all your food finished at the same time.
  • Tips for staying organized, using minimal dishes, and cleaning as you go. We’d rather have sex after dinner than do the dishes, how about you?
  • Instruction from a professional for a fraction of the cost (Most hands-on cooking classes cost about $120 for two people).


Who’s it For?

  • New couples on their second date or further.
  • Couples that have been together for years looking for something new to do together. 
  • People who are fairly comfortable cooking. You don’t need to be an expert but these recipes are a little more advanced than beginner level.
  • People who enjoy learning new cooking techniques and challenging themselves.
  • People who find humor in sexual innuendos & strong language.


Who it’s not for:

  • First dates – What if they’re crazy? Or worse… COMPLETELY BOOOOOORING! It’s easier to leave a restaurant than kick someone out of your house (trust us, we’ve been there!).  
  • Couples who fight anytime they try to work on a task together. You will not have a good time if you’re bickering about how to dice an onion. 
  • People who struggle with simple cooking tasks like boiling an egg. These recipes are not for complete beginners. 
  • People who are offended by sexual innuendos & foul language.



Can I Use These Recipes More than Once?

  • You bet! Once you buy the Date Night In package it’s yours for keeps!

Do I Need to Buy My Own Groceries for This? 

  • Yes! We designed the Date Night In so that you can use it at your convenience and pick the freshest ingredients where you like to shop.

Will You Ever Consider Shipping the Ingredients? 

  • In our opinion, the best way to ensure the quality of ingredients is to have the consumer purchase them when they’re ready to use their Date Night In. By shipping you a box of ingredients we would also be forcing you to use your Date Night In within a couple of days. This gives you the freedom to live your life and have a date night when it works with your schedule.

3 reviews for Salmon with Cream Sauce

  1. Tori Mallory (verified owner)

    So much fun! Iv made these green beans once a week since we learned the recipe!

  2. Tessie Hawk (verified owner)

    Everyone drop what you’re doing and go make this recipe, my mouth will never be the same.
    It’s also worth mentioning that if you have the ability to handle a knife well, (and I say that loosely because I managed to slice my thumb open while washing said knife before ever touching the ingredients) then you can make this, because the video instructions are so user-friendly. Savannah is hilarious and you feel like you’re in the kitchen with her helping her prep this.

    I’m also single, and brought a friend over to eat this with me, you don’t have to have a significant other to eat a meal this good.

    Finally, I have a 400 square foot shoebox of a studio with non existent prep space and no real counters, and I managed to make this with minimal disaster, juggling the dishes and ingredients is completely doable in a small space. The trashcan lid doubled as a table top for the cutting board of salmon to sit on while we brought it to room temp. Anything is a table if you try hard enough.

    Now go forth and make this, your tastebuds will thank you. Thanks Savannah, can’t wait for the next one!!

  3. Michelle Kirkham (verified owner)

    The boyfriend was out of town for Valentine’s Day so I grabbed a bottle (or two) of wine, groceries, my laptop, and headed to a friend’s house. We are both okay cooks but the thorough instructions and Savannah’s jokes put us at ease. We made a few mistakes, but the final product was delicious! Being an Alaskan, I have had salmon many different ways. But this recipe is definitely going to be added to the normal rotation. It was a really fun night and will be trying the next one with the man.

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