Portland, ME

May 2018 – August 2018

Sisters and Surgery

April 27, 2018 Last Friday my little sister had open heart surgery. This is the sort of thing you dread as a sibling. What if it’s not OK? What if it goes wrong? Why them? Are all questions that just

2,624 Miles to Maine

May 11, 2018 We left Colorado after a few fun days with Tori and Max and headed for Wisconsin. The drive was smooth and uneventful, and we arrived in Blue Mounds, WI around 10:00 pm. Tony’s Mom was setting up

A Kayak Named Canoe

May 18, 2018 Maine has such a good vibe… When I sat down to write this Nutshell I had to scroll back through my photos to remember exactly what has happened, where we went, what we ate, and where I

Here For a Year

June 1, 2018 You heard it, some of you suspected it, and it has come to pass… Maine has got ahold of us and we’ve decided to stay for a year. Part of this decision is just because we like

How a Tuna Fish Sandwich Saved Our Relationship

June 15, 2018 The more I get to know Maine the more I want to stay. Last Friday I worked the morning shift at the restaurant, which flew by in a frenzy of salt-roasted potatoes, chopping mirepoix for ragu, and

Summer In Maine

July 13, 2018 This Nutshell is coming to you days late thanks to the heat wave that is sweeping most of the U.S and my affinity for watching deadlines as they go “whooshing past.” I’ve been far too busy laying