New Orleans, LA

August 2017 – December 2017

Moving to New Orleans, LA July 30, 2017 Looking back on the week of the move there are a few things I would choose to do a little differently: Do not cancel the trash service the Thursday BEFORE your move. This may seem like
An image of the front of our house in New Orleans for the First Taste of New Orleans post

My First Taste of New Orleans

August 1, 2017 The first month here has kept me constantly surprised. It has gone quickly as I knew it would, and at the same time, it feels as though more time has passed than 31 days. We drove in

Floods & Job Interviews

August 5, 2017 The first week was spent unpacking and getting settled in. I had an interview with District Donuts, Sliders and Brews which went very well and turned into a second interview, then a working interview along with two

Daiquiris & A Fond Farewell to Wanda the Honda

Daiquiris: I didn’t actually know what a daiquiri was other than some kind of cocktail. Turns out, there are New Orleans daiquiris, and there’s a daiquiri you could get at an expensive bar that would be totally different. In New

Car Karma & Fridays that Act Like Mondays

August 14, 2017 I had a premonition that as soon as we sold my car, something was going to happen to Tony’s and on the ride back from the bank, where we deposited the cash from the car sale, the

Almost Cafe Du Monde & How to Navigate the French Quarter

August 31, 2017 What would you do for a beignet? We learned quickly that if you’re going to the French Quarter at all bringing your own car is a bad idea. You will not get very far in a car