In a Nutshell…

Keeping my mother up to date on our life. You’re welcome to read along.


Tessie Comes to Portland

February 28, 2019 I discovered February had come to an end when one of my coworkers remarked that there was no “29th” day of February as I labeled and dated a package of smoked salmon I had just portioned. I

Recipe Fails and Walmart Woes

February 15, 2019 It was the sort of Tuesday that made you question whether it was actually Monday. The kitchen I currently run closes at 3:00 pm and I faithfully watched the seconds tick by till the clock struck three

A Culinary Cabaret

January 4, 2019 This year I discovered a new tool; To encourage people and myself to think of three ways to phrase something before blurting it out. Its benefits are three-fold: 1. It gives you the opportunity to say something