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How to Cut a Mango

A mango is fairly simple to cut once you understand what you’re working with. They say “all roads lead to the same end” which is true in a sense of cutting a mango. You can cut a mango a multitude of ways and as long as you get the fruit out in a semblance of the form you were looking for, I’d call that a success. 

What You’ll Need:

  • Cutting Board
  • Chefs Knife
  • Spoon
  • Mango



  1. Lop off a small bit at one end of the mango to create a flat surface.
  2. Locate the seam that runs along the stem, this is the direction the pit is going. 
  3. Start at the top of the mango with your knife pointing the same direction as the seam. 
  4. Cut around the pit and down towards the table. Spin the mango 180 degrees and repeat.
  5. Cut off the thin, small strips that run along the seam. 
  6. Scoop the mango out with a spoon, or score it into slices or dices and then scoop it. 
  7. If you cut it into a dice you may carefully flip the skin inside out and then cut off the cubes.

Savannah Says...

  1. My slices are not very pretty.

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

      If you’re going for elegant, you can carefully take the peel off half the mango (This works best on mangos that are not extremely ripe), lay it down on its flat surface and slice it.

    1. I can’t get the mango to flip inside out, the peel keeps breaking.

      1. The bright side is you can still eat it...

        You are likely cutting into the peel when you’re scoring the mango. Just go slowly when cutting and then be very gentle when flipping inside out.

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