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Archives: Knife Skills

How to Cut a Mango

An easy way to cut a mango into slices or dices along with tips for using your knife safely.

Chunks of pineapple to show you how to cut a pineapple

How to Cut a Pineapple

It might be tempting to snag that container of pre-cut pineapple from the store, but you’re spending double the money. Not to mention that cut pineapple…

Savannah holding an onion

How to Dice an Onion

This is the most efficient way to dice an onion that I’ve ever seen. Get all my secrets and take charge of the onions in your life!

Cutting a carrot in half

How to Dice a Carrot

Learn how to dice a carrot like a pro! Get all my chef secrets and never let that big, ole root veggie get the best of you again!

A garlic bulb

How to Peel Garlic

Frustrated with sticky garlic papers coming off on your hands? Learn my tricks and become a garlic, smashing fiend! Peel garlic like a chef!

Cutting a sweet potato

How to Dice a Sweet Potato

How to dice a sweet potato like a chef! Get all my tricks for breaking down this root veggie like a pro. Never have uneven potato pieces again!

Slicing a potato

How to Dice a Potato

Learn how to cut a potato like the pros do it with a short video and a step-by-step guide for easy reference.