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It’s out with the perfectionism and in with the cheese in my kitchen. Roll, cut, stuff, and crimp. If you’re really good at wrapping Christmas presents you will probably be really good at ravioli. And if you’re really bad at wrapping Christmas presents like I am, it will still be ok.

Hot Off The Press!

Brown Sugar Cherry Galette

Hand-pitted cherries lightly tossed in brown sugar, nestled in a flaky-golden pie crust, and baked till the crust is caramelized and the cherries are tender.

Asparagus Mushroom Galette

Flaky pie dough is the foundation for caramelized onions, herby cream cheese, crispy mushrooms, and summer asparagus.

Keep It Local

In Season

Cast iron pan of salt roasted potatoes with herbs

Salt-Roasted Baby Potatoes

Baby potatoes nestled into a deep bed of salt with garlic and herbs creates a stunning and easy side dish.

Jar of chunky almond butter

Roasted Honey Almond Butter

This nut butter is my favorite when it’s still warm from roasting the almonds. I always look forward to a few spoonfuls straight from the blender.

Spring Pea Carbonara

Did you know carbonara is one of the simplest, most elegant pasta dishes you could make? The sauce is egg yolks, cream, and cheese, does it get any better?

In The Know

I never...

show up in someone’s inbox without a good side dish and something witty to say. 


Date Night In

An online cooking class for couples taught by Savannah. We’ll get you to the finish line with an amazing dinner.

*Shirt & Shoes recommended but not required.

50% of Date Night In proceeds will be donated to BCA Global.

How To

Tips & Tricks

The Pasta Series

The pasta series covers the basics of pasta making and shows you how to make pasta dough, shape and cut your dough, and finally how to make ravioli.

How to Cut a Mango

An easy way to cut a mango into slices or dices along with tips for using your knife safely.

400 Days on the Road

In a Nutshell

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A Trip to Antelope Island

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Summer In Maine

July 13, 2018 This Nutshell is coming to you days late thanks to the heat wave that is sweeping most of the U.S and my

The House, the Dogs, and the Cars

November 2, 2018 If you don’t know what Petfinder is, it is someones brilliant creation of an app that allows dog shelters to put up

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“I can tell you were a line cook because you have no qualms about sticking your fingers directly into boiling water”
– stuff stuffington

“The only cooking show that is actually entertaining”
– Gerb The 1

“So nobody is going to talk about her sounding like Ellen DeGeneres??”
– Christiana K

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